Sunday, August 4, 2013

5 Best video resources to learn programming languages

Those of us from computer science background know programming languages.  In college, we are taught C,C++,Java etc. But colleges don't teach us everything we need to know. For example, I believe it is very important for a computer science student to know how to program in PHP or .NET, unfortunately, many college courses doesn't teach that. So, what if you want to learn a programming language? You can either enroll yourself in an institute and pay money or learn it yourself for free.

You can learn almost all programming languages online with all the free resources available. Here, I will list a few of the best websites or youtube channels which provide free tutorials on programming.

This website is probably the best I know for learning programming languages, especially for beginners. The explanations are clear and concise. All of them are videos, which means you can learn just by watching and listening, although it would be a good idea to practice too.
The tutorials on the site include, but not limited to


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