Sunday, February 23, 2014

EC-Council Website Has Been Hacked, Again

EC-Council's official website( has been defaced yet again. EC-Council is a leading ethical hacking certification provider. This has happened before. See here. The irony here is that the company is supposed to be a world leader in providing information security certification to stay safe from hacks like this.

At the time of writing this blog post (8PM IST,23 Feb '14), EC-Council's official website remains defaced. The hacker(s) have uploaded a passport of Edward Snowden in the homepage. The heading reads "owned by certified unethical software security professional".
Here is a screenshot of the defaced webpage-

The hacker(s) mocked EC-Council for reusing their passwords. Apparently, that's how they got hacked The message read -

Defaced again? Yep,good job reusing your passwords morons jack67834#

This goes to show that no system is really secure. Any organisation can be hacked, and EC-Council is no exception. But I think they should be more careful because they need to maintain a certain repute for their certifications. 


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